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Entrepreneurship in a Changing World –
Challenges and Responses

11th International Conference
7 - 10 June 2020

Albena, Varna, Bulgaria

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About the Second Conference -

The European Entrepreneurship in the Globalising Economy -
Challenges and Opportunities

9 - 12 September 2008, Varna, Bulgaria

The main idea of the conference was to identify and discuss the challenges in front of the entrepreneurship in Europe (mostly in the EU) and to search for possible directions to meet them. In this sense the conference appeared to follow the logical development of the themes of the first conference, held in Sunny Beach, Burgas in September 2006. Along with this the papers of the Second conference considered in greater detail the increasing role of the globalization, regionalization and other influencing factors.

Normally, the leading accent of the Conference was the start-up, management and development of new businesses. Not only as quantitative measures for the solution of unemployment problems, but principally as quality and sustainability of the business. Particular attention was paid to the competitive growth of SMEs, which especially in the countries with developed market economy (East Europe), is constantly underestimated. Here what was most important were the discussions and recommendations the participants made to the growing SMEs in various geographic, economic, social and cultural contexts.

Considerable attention was put on such important aspects of the entrepreneurial activities as innovations, marketing, networks and their interaction. The presenters emphasized the use of knowledge and innovations as well as the specific characteristics of the marketing in SMEs against the background of their limited resources. The clusters and entrepreneurial networks were considered effective tools for the continuing support and competitive performance of SMEs.

Undoubtedly the regional dimensions of the entrepreneurial activity and SMEs are not only leading problems for the researchers, but also for the policy makers (including on EU level). Therefore, the authors of papers from different countries analyzed the ‘global-regional-national-local’ relation making drawing important conclusions for the specific role and behaviour of SMEs and their support. An important accent here was put on the effects over SMEs as a result from the accession of some Eastern European countries to the EU.

Papers presented considered also other aspects of the entrepreneurial activity that are of interest to the researchers, practitioners and policy makers. In the first place, starting with female entrepreneurship, through entrepreneurship behaviour for universities and last, but not least, the changes in the content of entrepreneurial activity in diverse contexts.

The common opinion is that the Conference was successful and an evidence for this are the scientific and practical results achieved as well as the prestigious publications of the presented papers. Another thing of great importance was also the further development of the institutional and personal networks between the participants. The friendly and informal atmosphere created in the first conference dominated the second conference too, enriched with the presence of new participants.

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