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Entrepreneurship in a Changing World –
Challenges and Responses

11th International Conference
7 - 10 June 2020

Albena, Varna, Bulgaria



Entrepreneurship in United Europe –
Challenges and Opportunities

13 – 17 September 2006, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Wednesday – 13 September 2006


Depending on demand: Social programme
for those who arrive early and like to join us.


17.00 – 19.30



20.00 –

Welcome Reception near the Beach


Thursday – 14 September 2006

  8.00 –   9.15


  9.15 –   9.30

Opening Ceremony (Welcome speech)

  9.30 – 11.30

Plenary session

David Smallbone - Responding to Europe's Entrepreneurial Challenge: Strengthening the Link between Research and Public Policy

Massimo Merlino, Michael Fattore - Entrepreneurial Growth in Mature Industries

Antti Haahti - Experience Design Management as Creation of Identity Economies. Reflections from Periphery on Entrepreneurial Designs in Tourism

Anna Rogut, Bogdan Piasecki - Innovation - necessary conditions for SME’s competitiveness in an integrated Europe

11.30 – 11.45

Coffee Break

11.15 – 13.15

Plenary session – continuation

Ovidiu Nicolescu - Challenges for Romanian Entrepreneurs in the Context of Accesion to the European Union

Kiril Todorov - Challenges for Bulgarian Entrepreneurs in the Context of Accesion to the European Union

Ivan Arsov -  Creation of Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Skills at the Secondary Schools: the case of the National School of Finance and Economics

Firms presentations: Advanced Equity Holding, Nectime Ltd.

13.15 – 14.15



14.15 – 15.45

Session I



Chair – Prof. J. Hanns Pichler (Austria)

Parallel Session A – SME Policy and Support

David Smallbone – Foreign Direct Investment and SME Development: Some Policy Issues for Transition and Developing Countries

J. Hanns Pichler - Toward a More Pronounced SME Policy Framework



15.45 – 16.00

Coffee break

16.00 – 18.00

Chair – Prof. Ovidiu Nicolescu (Romania); Prof. Kiril Todorov (Bulgaria)

Round table – What Can Expect Entrepreneurs after EU Accession:
the Cases of Bulgaria and Romania (discussion with entrepreneurs and other player in the field)

19.00 –

Folklore dinner

Friday – 15 September 2006

  9.00 – 11.00

Parallel Sessions



Chair – Dr. Philip Papadopoulos (Greece)

Parallel Session A – The Role of Entrepreneurial Training for Creation of Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Enterprise (Room 1)

Chair – Prof. Atanas Damyanov (Bulgaria)

Parallel Session B – The Impact of EU accession on entrepreneurs and firms
(Room 2)


Narjisse Lassas-Clerc - Essay on the Nature of Entrepreneurship Education

Philip Papadopoulos - Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship behavior and how they could be developed by training

Rodrigo Varela - The Development of Entrepreneurs Based upon Entrepreneurial Competencies: The “Jóvenes con Empresa” Program

Sanjana Buć – Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in Process of Croatia's Joining the European Union (to be presented by Prof. Cingula)

Maria Yurukova – Bulgarian SMEs Operating in International Subcontracting Network: The Impact of EU Accession Process

Atanas Damyanov/Dragomir Iliev - The European Integration and the Strategic Consequences for Production SMEs

11.00 – 11.15

Coffee Break

11.15 – 13.15

Parallel Sessions



Chair – Prof. Eugenio Corti (Italy)

Parallel Session A – Practical Aspects and Support of SMEs
(Room 1)

Chair – Prof. Peter Richter (Germany)

Parallel Session B – Successful Factors of Eastern European Entrepreneurs  (Room 2)


Violeta Kostadinova - Main Problems of Successor Selection in Family Business - Possible Solutions

Eugenio Corti, Rosa  Luisa  Ragoldi, and Ilenia Torello - The  Creativity  to  sustain  Entrepreneurship  of  the  Textile-clothing  Sector  in  Campania  region:  the  Educational  Program  based  on  Temporary  Managent  of  specific  Innovation  Projects

Kiril Grigorov - Do the Bulgarian Entrepreneurs Needs Credit Rating?

Diana Kopeva – The Role of Microfinance Institutions in Business Development: With Special Focus on Microcredit in Rural Areas

Ivica Katavić - The Impact of the EU Enlargement on the Sustainable Entrepreneurship (to be presented by Valerija Bublić)

Dominka Dej - Entrepreneurs´ Health in three European Countries and two Branches

Hristo Tzvetkov - What makes East German and Bulgarian entrepreneurs successful? Lessons learned from a German Bulgarian study

Marina Velkova - Entrepreneurial psychology and culture

Kostadin Kolarov - Entrepreneurship – Welcomed or Unwelcomed Alternative for Young Bulgarians  on the Threshold of the Larger European Union

13.15 – 14.15



14.15 – 16.15

Parallel Sessions



Chair – Prof. Bogdan Piasecki (Poland)

Parallel Session A – SME Development in New Members of EU and Candidate Countries (Room 1)

Chair – Ken O’Neill (United Kingdom)

Parallel Session B – Social Economy and Social Entrepreneurship
(Room 2)


Irina Kuzmina - Self-employment as a Kind of Entrepreneurial Activity in Latvia

Vojtech Korab - Small Family Business in The Czech Republic

Fuada Stanković - Challenges for Entrepreneurship in Serbia

Marijan Cingula, Josip Taradi - Entrepreneurial Social Responsibility and Business System Security

Ken O’Neill – The Social Economy:  Nature and Challenges

Yvonne von Friedrichs Grängsjö - Preparing for Entrepreneurship in Structural Transformation of the Economy - Lessons learned from Sweden

19.30 – 23.00

Gala Dinner (Wine tasting and Entertainment)

Saturday – 16 September 2006

  9.00 – 10.30

Parallel Sessions



Chair – Prof. Marijan Cingula (Croatia)

Parallel Session A – Management and Innovation of SMEs (Room 1)

Chair – Prof. Kiril Todorov (Bulgaria)

Parallel Session B – Management of Growth (Room 2)


Tomislav Lneniček, Dragica Karaić, Marijan Cingula - Entrepreneurship and Innovations (to be presented by Prof. Cingula)

Nikola Dimitrov, Tsvetana Stoyanova – Methods for Association of the Strategic Choice with Key Resources and Results in Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Yordanka Ivanova - How Bulgarian Entrepreneurs Can Manage Negotiations Successfully?

Boyko Denchev - The National Innovation Fund  - instrument for promotion of innovative SMEs

Ilia Kereziev – Growth Management in Bulgarian Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: some preliminary findings

Valerija Bublić, Ivan Smid, Tomislav Struk – Logistics Aspects of Managing a small Growing Business

Kiril Todorov - Leadership in Growing High-Tech Firms

Nadja Mironova-Angelova – Communicational Maturity of Enterprise

10.30 – 10.45

Coffee Break


10.45 – 12.30

Chair – Prof. Kiril Todorov (Bulgaria); Prof. Ken O’Neill (United Kingdom)

Workshop – Young Generation Entrepreneurs: How to Support Them


Rostislav Gyonkov – Influencing Factors for Starting Up of Successful Business by Students  

Vladimir Marinov – Students Willingness to Start Up Own Business

Mihail Marinov - The Positive Effect on Human Resources from the Development of the Relation Small and Medium Business – Educational System – Government. Necessity, Opportunities and Benefits

Students from the National School of Finance and Economics

12.30 – 13.00

Award Ceremony –
First Award – 1000 Euro and Second Award – Collection of Best Bulgarian Wines

13.00 – 14.00




Meetings by interests

Free evening, Informal meetings and dinner

Sunday – 17 September 2006


Social events/Study local culture and conditions for business


Closing Ceremony



Informal farewell dinner