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Entrepreneurship in a Changing World –
Challenges and Responses

11th International Conference
7 - 10 June 2020

Albena, Varna, Bulgaria

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The Conference Proceedings 2016

The Seventh International Conference ‘Entrepreneurship Teaching, Research and Practice in Global Environment – Building Bridges’ held in June 2016 strengthened and developed further the established tradition of high professional level and excellent atmosphere for networking. There are several moments that featured 2016 conference:

  • The enrichment of the countries and continents of origin of the participants – among which we would mention China, Pakistan, South Africa, Colombia, Puerto Rico;
  • The extremely strong composition of the keynote speakers including:

    – Prof. David Smallbone, Kingston University, London, UK

    – Prof. Marc Cowling, University of Brighton, England, UK

    – Prof. Rodrigo Varela, Universidad Icesi, Cali, Colombia

    – Dr. Paolo Zaramella, Studio Centro Veneto, Italy

    – Prof. Herbert Chan, Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark), Beijing, China

    – Prof. Andrew Burke, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland

    – Mrs. Madi Sharma, Founder "Madi Group" – Make A Difference Ideas group of International Private and Social Enterprises, UK

  • Organisation of new seminars in the frames of the conference: for PhD students and research publications led by Prof. David Smallbone and seminar on incubators and technoparks led by Prof. Herbert Chen.
  • The ‘traditional’ round table "science – practice" led by Prof. Ken O’Neill, Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development at University of Ulster, UK.

Besides the plenary session, high professional level was shown in different sections, which discussed problems and solutions on the subject of the conference. Besides publications in this Proceedings some selected papers have been directed for publication in the International Review of Entrepreneurship (IRE).

By the opinion of the majority of the participants, BAMDE Conference in 2016 was a desirable professional and informal event with its own distinctive characteristics. That’s why many participants are fans of the BAMDE Conference from many years.


The Table of Contents

Entrepreneurship Education and Training

Learning by Doing to Become an Effectual Entrepreneur: Bachelor Young Entrepreneur Program, EM Strasbourg Business School
Coralie Haller, Olga Bourachnikova and Odile Paulus

Entrepreneur Education and Training: The Solution for an Entrepreneurial Culture to Economic Development in Puerto Rico?
Lisa Mariel Escóbales, Zulma Quiñones Rivera-Howell and Teresa Ibarra

Greek Young Farmers’ Attitudes and Education Needs towards Entrepreneurship in the Agrifood Processing Sector
Panagiotis Kotsios and Rodica Arpasanu


Innovations and Finance in Entrepreneurship Practice

The Innovativeness as the Measurement of the Entrepreneurship Orientation
Anna Wójcik Karpacz and Joanna Rudawska 

Entrepreneurs’ Sense-making of their Ecosystem: Consequences for Self-Determination towards Innovation  
Claudia Nunes Esposo 

Financial Literacy: What Motivates a Learner Entrepreneur to Achieve It?
Irina Kuzmina-Merlino and Ishgaly Ishmuhametov 

The Entrepreneurship Education – through the Bulgarian Entrepreneurs’ Eyes
Veneta Hristova 


Entrepreneurial Management and Internationalisation

A Methodology for Collaborative Performance Estimation of Industrial Enterprises in Furniture Industry
Svetoslav Dimkow 

Project Management at Industrial Enterprises of Ukraine
Nastasia Rovinska and Yuliya Vykhodets 

Do Key Actors’ Characteristics Relate to Internationalization Modes in Bulgarian Family Firms? 
Yordanka Ivanova and Kostadin Kolarov

Family Business Successors’ Role in Internationalization Process 
Branimir Yordanov  


Note: Those who are interested to obtain the proceedings book, please contact the organisers.