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Entrepreneurship in a Changing World –
Challenges and Responses

11th International Conference
7 - 10 June 2020

Albena, Varna, Bulgaria

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The Conference Proceedings 2014

This Proceedings volume includes most of the papers, presented at the Sixth International Conference on Entrepreneurial/Managerial Innovative Strategies and Behaviour in Global Multicultural Environment, held between 9 and 12 September 2014 in Nessebar, Black Sea, Bulgaria. Some selected papers, presented at the conference, will be published in a special issue of the International Review of Entrepreneurship journal (IRE) in 2015.

The presented papers highlighted specific aspects of the main topic from different points of view in different contexts. First of all, we had internationally recognized keynotes such as Prof. Robert D. Hisrich (USA), Prof. David Smallbone and Prof. Ken O'Neill (UK) who put starting fuel in the engine of the conference presentations. Than in different parallel sections the authors presented interesting findings in the field of entrepreneurship and SMEs. Very important part of the conference was the round table for academicians and entrepreneurs from several countries to discuss how to find the bridge between science and practice.

The papers in the proceedings are organized in several sections: Management, Innovation and Growth of SMEs, Cultural Aspects of Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Support, Entrepreneurship Education and Learning.

The overall impression by the participants online and after the conference, confirms this event as a remarkable place for discussions, exchange of scientific results and practical implications in the field. Let us say again like in previous conferences, the Sixth International Conference added also new value for networking, mutual understanding and future partnerships among the participants.

The Table of Contents


Main Types of SMEs Innovations and Their Interdependence
Zhelyu Vladimirov

Design, Designers and Business Success
Miroslav Pivoda

The Stages of Entrepreneurship. How Coaching Can Help Define the Entrepreneur and Its Growth
Maria Hermel–Stănescu and Cezar Scarlat



Specificity of the Corporate Culture of Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises
Yanica Dimitrova 

Cross-cultural Adoption Criteria of Mobile Payment Services
Andreea Wurster



Providing Waste Efficiency Support to SMEs: The Perspective of Change Agents
Claudia Nunes Esposo 

SMEs: Externally and Internally Constrained? Evidence from Argentina
Anahí Briozzo, Hernán Vigier, Lisana B. Martinez and Antonio Terceño 

Building a Favorable Context for Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities for Six Balkan States
Mark Potts, Joseph Affholter and George Puia 

Emerging Forms of Coworking inside the Business Incubators in Serbia
Ildiko Zedi, Peter Harmath and Jelena Andrasic 

Business Transfer in Europe: good practices and tools
Toni Brunello and Paolo Zaramella



Elements of a Conceptual Framework Aimed at Analysing the Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Behaviour within Universities
Bogdan Brustureanu and Cezar Scarlat 

Fun of Learning in a Virtual Practice Enterprise
Kaija Arhio and Marja-Liisa Kaakko 

Entrepreneurial Intentions among University Students: Motivations and Entrepreneurial Exposure as Drivers of Intentions
Edgar Izquierdo and Nikolay Dentchev


Note: Those who are interested to obtain the proceedings book, please contact the organisers.