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Entrepreneurship in a Changing World –
Challenges and Responses

11th International Conference
7 - 10 June 2020

Albena, Varna, Bulgaria

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The Conference Proceedings 2013

This Proceedings includes part of the papers presented at the Fifth International Conference ‘The European Entrepreneurship: How Entrepreneurs (Should) Act in Global Business Environment’ held from 9 to 11 September 2013 in the Albena resort, Black Sea, Bulgaria. Selected conference papers are targeted for publication in the International Review of Entrepreneurship journal (June 2014).

Papers included in the Proceedings can be summarized in three main sections: Entrepreneurship Orientation and Opportunities Recognition’, 'Management, Marketing and Innovation of European SMEs', and 'Transformation, Internationalization and Networks'. The papers presented in all the sections analyse and discuss from different points of view key issues of entrepreneurship and small business and especially successful entrepreneurial behaviour. Based on outcomes the authors give relevant recommendations to the stakeholders.

The Fifth Conference continued the tradition already established from the previous conferences and laid the foundations for new ones. They are mainly targeted at strengthening the relationships between academia (researchers) and real practice (business) in different contexts. Very important moment in the conference is creating a friendly atmosphere of networking and building cooperation among participants.

The Table of Contents


The Contribution of Entrepreneurial Orientation to the Corporate Performance: A Deeper Understanding
Mojtaba Hosseini, Hossein Dadfar and Staffan Brege 

Corporate Entrepreneurship in Bulgarian Holding Companies
Maria Vasilska

Entrepreneurial Orientation in Franchising Systems: A franchisee Perspective
Ehsan Asgharian, Hossein Dadfar and Staffan Brege



Italian Medium-sized Enterprises: Entrepreneurial or Managerial? A Typology Approach
Massimo Ciambotti and Federica Palazzi

Respect for Cultural Differences as a Competitive Strategy of Hungarian SMEs Doing Business with Austrians
Júlia Szőke

Occurrence of Entrepreneurial and Managerial Risks During the Transfer of Ownership and Leadership in the Family Businesses
Iva Senegović, Valerija Bublić and Gordana Ćorić  

Opportunities for Applying Customer Order Decoupling Point Approach in Bulgarian SMEs from Furniture Sector
Ognyan Andreev and Nataliya Koleva 

Assessment of the Industrial Enterprises Readiness for Digital Manufacturing in Bulgaria and Serbia
Svetoslav Dimkow, Tatjana Sibalija and Vidosav Majstorović



Title: Small Business Entrepreneurship in Post-socialist Agriculture: Insights on Farmers in Bulgaria
Stela Valchovska  

Structure and Agency in Entrepreneurial Intention in the Midst of Crisis: A Profiling of Aspiring and New Greek Entrepreneurs in the Agri-food Sector
Anisa Bello, Rodica Arpasanu, Philippos Papadopoulos, Maria Emmanouilidou and Efstratios Kontopoulos 

The Role of Business Associations in Promoting Networking. The Italian Case of the “Network Contracts”
Selena Aureli, Francesca Maria Cesaroni, Massimo Ciambotti and Mara Del Baldo 

Business Internationalization: Main Concepts, Models and Family Business Perspective
Yordanka Ivanova 

SMEs Networking Capability (NC) Development in Relationship with Large Size Enterprises (LSEs) through Inward International Licensing (IIL)
Mohammad Reza Saeedi, Hossein Dadfar and Staffan Brege


Note: Those who are interested to obtain the proceedings book, please contact the organisers.