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Entrepreneurship in a Changing World –
Challenges and Responses

11th International Conference
Due to extraordinary situation with COVID-19 the conference is postponed from June to the beginning of September.
The actual dates will be announced later.

Albena, Varna, Bulgaria

Programme 2018
Photos 2018



2018 Conference Photo Gallery

Prof. Kiril Todorov, D.Sc., opens the conference. Next to him – Prof. Ken O'Neill – moderator of the panel.


Part of the participants at the conference opening. At the forefront – Prof. Raymond Saner (Switzerland), Prof. Lichia Saner-Yiu (Taiwan), Dr. Olga Tabachnikova (United Kingdom).


Part of the participants at the conference opening.
At the forefront – Prof. Shailendra Vyakarnam (United Kingdom).


Prof. Shailendra Vyakarnam, Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship, Cranfield School of Management, United Kingdom, as conference keynote speaker.


Prof. Thomas (TE) du Plessis, President of the South African Council for Small Business. Professor emeritus and former Dean of School of Business and Governance at the North-West University, South Africa, as conference keynote speaker.


Prof. Lichia Saner-Yiu (Taiwan, Switzerland) as keynote speaker, presents her rich experience as a social entrepreneur and advisor to various international institutions.


Mr. Willem Odendaal, Executive Director of the South African Council for Small Business, makes comment.


Prof. Raymond Saner, Prof. Shailendra Vyakarnam and Prof. Ken O'Neill answer questions during the Workshop „Entrepreneurial Education and Economic Growth“.


Prof. Nancy Jurik and Prof. Gray Cavender, Arizona State University, present their paper.


Dr. Ria Aerts, Australia and Dr. Daniela Tzvetkova, after presenting their papers.


Prof. Jan Degadt, Belgium, presents his paper.


Ms. Ana Criado-Gomis and Prof. Gisela Ammetller, Spain


Mrs. Aziza Al Ghafri and Dr. Beldina Owalla, researchers from Sweden, present their analysis of women’s entrepreneurship in Kenya and Oman.


Dr. Veneta Hristova, and Dr. Maria Vasilska, Bulgaria, present their joint research.


Dr. Mark Potts, USA, presents his report in an original way.


During the coffee break. A conversation between Prof. Lichia Saner-Yiu and Dr. Abigail Kemper.


Prof. Kiril Todorov presents the best paper award (500 euros) to Dr. Ria Aerts, Australia.


In the competition for best dance couple – Roland Persson, entrepreneur, Sweden, and Dr. Abigail Kemper, consultant, South Africa.


Participants in the conference look at the conference proceedings over the years. Ms. Nina Tsanova, a journalist, adviser to the Minister of Economy.


Talks during coffee break